Article Submission Service

There are many ways that an article submission service can benefit you and your website. Here are few of the biggest benefits that you will be able to take advantage of:

1. Allows you to obtain one way permanent links.

2. Receive links from pages that are filled with quality, unique content. Not from pages that are seen as spam by the search engines.

3. Helps your site to reach authority status. Not only will this increase traffic, but it will also help to draw in new readers.

Why rely on us?

Although there are many companies that offer article submission services, we are the best of the best. Why is this the case?

1. All of our submissions are completed manually, not auto generated with a software program. This helps to ensure that your articles are approved and added at once.

2. You give us one article and we can turn it into 10 or more! This allows us to submit unique articles to more than one service. The result? No duplicate content penalties from the major search engines.

3. We know which article directories offer the most benefits. Why waste your time and money on directories that have nothing to offer?

4. Don't want to write your own articles? No problem. We also offer content writing services at an affordable price.


At 30 cents per submission, we offer the best price in the industry!

Get Started

To get started, follow the steps below:

1. Complete the order form with the details of your blog. Once complete, forward payment via PayPal or 2Checkout.

2. Once you pay, you can wait knowing that we are on the job. We manually submit each article with the information that you supply us.

3. Once complete, we will send you a submission report accompanied by screenshots. In no time at all you will see an increase in traffic an inbound links.

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